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PuddinPup Site-AdminHead-AdminOP posted May 14, 17



Pvp now has TNT ENABLED! Along with KDR counters.

All non-donor rank prices/kits/colors will be changed in the near future.

All non-donor players have been fully reset, the only thing that transfers are donor and staff RANKS.

Please let us know if you find any bugs, fixes, missing parts, or have any complaints/suggestions. Make sure you put these on the website via forum thread/messages to an admin, or directly to staff on skype. 

As with all fresh resets, LAG WILL HAPPEN. This is unavoidable. Since this is a very recent reset, there will be a lot of fixes over the next few weeks, this includes the possibility of another reset at any given time! Try to bear through it with us, we are trying to work as quickly as we can!

Server events will pick up again after the dust has settled with the reset. Please do not bug us about this.

If you are a donor, you may recieve a ONE-TIME REFUND on tokens that you PURCHASED. Proof may be required of you. Only ADMINS can do this for you! All token refunds will be kept in a log, so do not try to scam from multiple staff. These tokens only need to be given in ONE server (they are a server-wide currency).

Top voters of the past 4 months 


1st- dresden72 - 40 

2nd- RedRuss1234 - 34 

3rd- cHAMPFLO97 & doomqwer - 30 


1st- TheRealLionzZ - 42

2nd- bsc1979 - 35

3rd- Noose_Please & doomqwer - 18


Missed the counts, sorry guys.


1st- TheRealLionzZ - 26

2nd-  negreduospro - 12

3rd- kugiede - 11


1st - 75 points

2nd - 50 points

3rd - 25 points

StrangePlayer Donator Thanks!! Glad the reset happened. better late than never. Thanks H3nry n anyone else who helped make it possible :)
Logginq_ Donator Lit
H3nry AdminOPDonatorO Apologies on missing the count for March, that's my bad. Luckily I got the other 3 months though, so not all bad


PuddinPup Site-AdminHead-AdminOP posted Apr 27, 17

MAY 12th

is when we will be resetting if everything goes according to plan!


MASSIVE shoutout to H3nry for all of his hard work! Without him this reset likely wouldn't be happening until much later this year, if at all. So show him some love and appreciation!

PrincePixelz User Woaaa Thanks H3nry!!!!
LuckyBall_7 User
LuckyBall_7 @ Hexxit PvE
Thanks for deh hard work for our enjoyment of playing :)
_MacHD_ Donator Thanks H3nry!

Server reset coming up soon!

PuddinPup Site-AdminHead-AdminOP posted Feb 21, 17

We will be resetting  the

hexxit server soon!

We are aiming for March 1st, but the exact date is still unclear.

Since Hexxit runs on such an old version of MC, we will not be able to save most player data.

However, Donators will be keeping their ranks and will recieve their TOKENS (according to the ranks purchased) only ONCE when they first join and remind a higher staff to return the tokens.

All regular players will be set back to Member and will have to work their way back through the ranks.

Xtreme4s Donator can we still guesstimate that this reset will happen within 4 days? I have a friend that is getting into skyblocks but h...
X9strider9X User can we get any type of update like a status or new date expectation
Ragnaur_ User Will the nether, twilight and resource world also be affected by this new reset, on top of the monthly (ish) resets that...
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