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Server News 2/4/16

The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminOwnerOPDonator posted Fri at 3:33

New Sr. Admin!

Lillian23232 is stepping down from her position as Sr. Admin. As she is busy with work and other things she feels she cant be on as much as she use to, so she will be going back to her old position as Admin.  As such i have picked the new Sr. Admin for hexxit. Please help me to congratulate PuddinPup as the new Sr. Admin. 

Server Reset

We will be shooting for this weekend or next week for the reset. We are trying to get a new server spawn down before we rest. Please hang in there as we get things all set up to get the server reset and ready for more fun.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave a comment or make a forum post.

The_Fallen_0ne: Co-Owner

heres_to_you_kid Donator Congratz Puddy, Ignore Nittam lol
starsmen User Congrats!
Nittam Donator Congratz to Puddin though she's still a Neeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrdddddddddd (ง •̀_•́)ง

Server Reset happening soon!

Putputmasscure Site-AdminHead-AdminOP posted Jan 28, 16

Server Reset happening soon!

It is getting close to the time where we do a full server reset. However this time we are going to attempt something different with our reset. Usually we reset everything and use the same seedcode. This time we are going to attempt to reset maps only and use a new seedcode.

What does this mean for you?

This meas that you can possibly keep all items in your inventory! Also play on a completely new map!

*Please note the possibly keep all items. There is a possiblitly that we will have to reset all player data if we use a new seed.

Reset is expected to happen within the next week or two. Will keep you guys updated on any changes.

As always thank you for choosing Quantekk Hexxit to server your Hexxit needs!

SmoothCrits User Lmao I wonder how they got this idea
Bongrim / Hampus2468 Donator Enderchest is a part of your playerdata so everything in your enderchest will get saved if anything else does. All facti...
SaxonHeart User What about enderchests? Would loading them up with backpacks etc be 'safe'... or at least have a good/better c...

Update 1/14/16

The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminOwnerOPDonator posted Jan 14, 16

Update on things for the server.

-Side worlds have been reset. We should be going back to the bi-weekly resets. 

-Banned void items. This is do to all the dupping with the void items.

-Banned wind grenades. Do to the miss use of this item it is banned from the server.

We are working on the problems with the server crashing to get it more stable. Please be patient with us as we work on things. If you have any questions or concerns please make a forum post and let us know.

-The_Fallen_0ne: Co-Owner

Cutiepie40 User do you know when hexxit is coming online?
starsmen User okie dokie
RadiantGaming OPModeratorDonator if they are in a chest just hover it with your mouse and hit "Q' to get it out and wait for clearlag
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