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New Ranks!!!!

The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminHead-AdminOP posted Aug 10, 15

With the new reset we have let the new ranks go live. What makes these so cool is not just the new perms you get but that you can switch between the other 4 new ranks for FREE! There is a 3 day cool down but that lets you get a taste of the rank and its kits to see what you like gets. 






You switch between the 5 ranks at /warp demigod and click on the signs that show the other ranks. The cool down is 3 days to go back to that rank. 

We hope that you enjoy your time here and thank you for playing on Quantekk.

OutlawSupreme Donator https://gyazo.com/c62571aaa1e81709fa47004af888ada1 this is what it says ...
The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminHead-AdminOP We are working on the problem right now
OutlawSupreme Donator it says there are no items in this subcategory, why? :(

Summer sale!

♚ Quantekk ♚ Site-AdminOwnerOP posted Aug 1, 15

15% off all donations! enjoy while it lasts!

Use the Coupon 15%OFF to get 15% off your cart!

dresden72 Donator Thanks for fixing the coupon code for Skyblock ranks. ...
dresden72 Donator Not sure how this code works, I assume the code is "15%OFF"? When applying that, it says "Invalid coupon ...

Server Update / Reset / Revamp

♚ Quantekk ♚ Site-AdminOwnerOP posted Aug 1, 15

---=== Server revamp! ===---

Hello, We have been working on a server revamp, we have a new structure, we have optimized all our servers for a better performance, we have manged to have a sustainable system with very little lag, we have introduced some other fixes as well, we have fixed all errors that used to occur. We have updated and upgraded all donator ranks and kits, with a new upgrade system that allows you to upgrade your rank.


---=== What we added ===---


We added a new server, Hardcore-PVP this has very little rules! Take a look to find out more!

We have also started the production of SkyWars!


Thank you for all your support! we hope you enjoy our revamp, we have put a lot of time and effort to have this server successful, we have done with we can to it, if you have any suggestions on what we should improve and add, feel free to post (HERE) if you have any problems with the server post (HERE)

Thanks for all your support, remember....


Voting helps you in game, and helps us!

Join here:



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