New Co-Owner?

♚ Quantekk ♚ Site-AdminOwnerOP posted Thu at 0:35

Well hello guys! its a long time since i've been on the server officially, im always on and off checking, but never this much! 

For the last few months i have been getting ready to go to University to study Games Programming & Technology, and i started last week, so what does this mean? it means i cannot fully maintain the server to let it become its best! so i have made the choice of hiring a co-owner to get stuff done that only i could do from the start. So i am very happy to announce and welcome Fallen as Co-Owner for Quantekk & PokeGaming! This will allow fallen to get work done that i cannot do while i study!

I will hand over things to fallen to take control of the server of his abilities and what i have allowed him to take over.

I will now leave you with Fallen! I will however be on and off the server so make sure your on the catch me! If you need any questions answering make a forum post!

And congrats to all the new staff members that are getting promoted!

Enjoy and don't forget to vote!

Thank you for being with us and we cannot be happier that you are here with the server!  

Yuixi Donator Congrats fallen! ...
Putputmasscure Site-AdminHead-AdminOP Congrats. And thanks for the Head-Admin opportunity.
Neolance34 User From measly pvper on pvp to co-owner. What a leap buddy. Glad to have you as the co-pilot of this server Fallen. Well do ...