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If you are interested in becoming staff on the Quantekk then please fill out the application form below. However before starting please remember you will be dedicating a lot of your time to helping other players.

Please do not ask the Staff about your application. Or you will lower your chance of getting Helper

Tekkit Application

Email Address:
What is your Minecraft user name:
How old are you? :
Have you ever been banned from the sever? :
Is there a way to contact you? (Skype is require) :
How much time have you spend on the server do /ar check in game to find out
Are you a donator?:
This can boost you chances we need dedicated staff
Do you understand that a large amount of your time will be spent helping the community and players
Do you understand that Staff members will not be allowed to PvP?:
How many hours can you be on the server each day
1-2 Hours
2-3 Hours
3-4 Hours
4-5 Hours
6+ Hours
Are you good with programing? (java, HTML, CSS, C++) If so please explain :
Are you familiar with plugins? If so please explain :
Have you ever had any experience with hosting a server, or being an admin? Please provide the Ip or website of the server :
Don't put anything here if you are unable to provide the Server IP or Website
A player is caught using hacks (x-ray,fly,forcefield) List the steps you would take while handling this situation? :
We recommend going into detail
A player is telling you another player is TPA killing what would you do in this situation?:
We recommend going into detail
If someone on the server is using jokes or comments about someones race, sexual orientation, or gender, how would you handle this situation? :
We recommend going into detail
Explain why you believe you should be an Admin/Moderator, And how you will help the server:
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