If you are interested in becoming staff on the Quantekk Hexxit server, then please fill out the application form below. Please remember that if you are accepted, you will be dedicating a lot of your time to helping other players. Also note that you will start out at the Helper rank, and if you do well, will climb up the ranks to eventually get ranks such as Moderator or Admin.

If you are applying for the rank of builder, please state so on the application.

Make sure you are signed in, and have JOINED the website, otherwise you won't be able to apply. If you have been staff previously, want to reapply, and see no application below, contact the Server Admin.

Please do not ask the Staff about your application, or ask for help with your application. You will lower your chance of getting Helper.

If you are rejected for staff, Staff members do not have to inform you as to why you were rejected. Make sure that you were truthful on the application, and that you met question requirements (such as the minimum amount of words for certain questions)

You can check on the status of your application by clicking here. If your application has been rejected, please wait for at least 2 weeks before you apply again.

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